A safe haven for native animals

Our patients recover at our centre after treatment at Wildbase Hospital, they change regularly as they recover and are released back into the wild.

Our resident animals are with us all the time so there is always something to see.

Whio (Blue Duck)


Whio are endemic to New Zealand with only around 3,000 left.

Our whio are part of a captive breed for release programme in partnership with the Department of Conservation and Whio Forever.

Whio are at home in mountain areas and need clean, healthy, fast flowing rivers to live in. Loss of habitat and predation are major threats to these native ducks.


Resident Whio

New Breeding Pair!

Our new breeding pair have arrived! Our female came from Ngā manu in Waikanae and our boy is from Hamilton Zoo. They are still a bit shy but if you're lucky you might spot this beautiful whio pair on a rainy day as they enjoy their pond.

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