A safe haven for native animals

Our patients recover at our centre after treatment at Wildbase Hospital, they change regularly as they recover and are released back into the wild.

Our resident animals are with us all the time so there is always something to see.

Korimako (Bellbird)


Renowned for its beautiful birdsong, the korimako is found in forests throughout New Zealand.

While it is not threatened, predators still have a huge impact on numbers. Interestingly the songs of korimako can differ hugely from place to place.


Photo credit – Shellie Evans

Resident Korimako

Our resident korimako (bellbirds) were given to us from Hamilton Zoo in October 2018. These two boisterous boys have quickly made our walkthrough aviary their home and playground.

Korimako have beautiful calls and males have a deep olive colour to their plumage with a purple sheen around their necks during breeding season. Our boys will have the occasional female visitor during the breeding season which makes them puff up their feathers and try their best to outshine each other with their songs.

These two enjoy chasing each other around the aviary and investigating the tasty treats and flowering plants that are found in our walkthrough aviary. Our boys can also be seen taking the occasional bath in the waterfall and will often play chase with each other.

We asked the public to help us choose a name for these two and the winning names were Pere (Bell) and Waraki (The dawn chorus of bird calls).

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