A safe haven for native animals

Our patients recover at our centre after treatment at Wildbase Hospital, they change regularly as they recover and are released back into the wild.

Our resident animals are with us all the time so there is always something to see.

Kererū (New Zealand Wood Pigeon)


Also known as kuku or kukupa.

These large birds have an important job spreading seed for native trees with large fruit. They are the only bird with a big enough bill to swallow the fruit. Kererū are found throughout the country, especially in forested areas with good pest control.



Resident Kererū

This young kererū joined our walkthrough aviary as an ambassador for her species in March, 2021.

She hatched in the wild in November 2020, but unfortunately fell from her nest and was unable to be reunited with her parents.

This young kererū then came to us as a patient for rearing in December 2020. She has many natural behaviours but lacks the predator awareness needed to live in the wild. This means she does not hide or alarm call when a threat is present (for example, a kārearea flying over).

This kererū can be seen high in the trees of the walkthrough aviary sunbathing on a fine day.

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