A safe haven for native animals

Our patients recover at our centre after treatment at Wildbase Hospital, they change regularly as they recover and are released back into the wild.

Our resident animals are with us all the time so there is always something to see.

Kāhu Oroua

Kāhu/Australasian Harrier Oroua

I was found unable to fly

Where have I come from?
I was found in Oroua here in the Manawatū

How have the vets helped me?
I was taken to Wildbase Hospital where radiographs showed that I had fractured my right ulna and that I was also shot with a pellet gun. The pellet was removed from my wing and I was placed in a bandage to allow my fracture to heal. I am now here to work on my flight fitness before release.

I was released July 29th!