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2nd December, 2014

For Conservation Week this year, Wildbase Recovery Community Trust ran a competition where entries required viewing our Ambassador Urzila Carlson’s video, identifying an endangered species in the clip and name a threat they face.

Regan Thomas successfully identified the kiwi who “face threats from predators such as stoats, cats and dogs. Half of Kiwi eggs don’t hatch, often because the parents are disturbed by these predators. 70% of those that do hatch are killed by same prior to 6 months age. Predator control has proven effective at halting the decline of Kiwi.”

Regan was clearly a deserving winner, which saw him recently take his family on a tour through Wildbase Hospital. Emily (8), Rohaan (10), Regan and his wife Jamie assisted with treatments for kiwi, a kereru, Cook Island petrel and a very hungry little blue penguin – the types of patients visitors will see in Wildbase Recovery, once it is established in the Victoria Esplanade.

The tour highlighted the great work Wildbase Hospital staff do with limited budget and resources. It also cements the need for Wildbase Recovery and the conservation stories and educational programmes we will be able to deliver. Don’t forget to donate and help us bring Wildbase Recovery to life, so that more families like the Thomas’ can have up close and personal experiences with some of our most endangered.

We captured some photos of the Thomas family’s visit.

The Manawatu Standard also joined us for the visit.


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