Additional funding requested to complete construction of Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery

19th March, 2018

Project Managers for the construction of Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery yesterday submitted to Palmerston North City Council a report that requested an additional $550,000 to complete the project.

Roger Kennedy, Chair of Wildbase Recovery Community Trust said the Trust was aware of the additional costs associated with the building project.  

“We have been part of the steering group committee that met regularly with the project managers so we understand many of the additional costs could not have been avoided.”

Examples of cost overruns include a significant amount of unexpected work due to soft ground conditions, totalling around $166,800.

“The soft ground works are a textbook example of where unexpected costs can cause flow-on issues through the rest of the project, but are necessary to be completed to ensure the facility meets the required standards.”

The total request to Council for $550,000 includes an allowance of $180,000 for any additional unforeseen contingencies that might occur in the final stages of the build.

“We’re extremely thankful for the support from both the Council and the community towards this project, which will offer conservation education to our whole region, as well as national and international visitors.”

Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery is expected to be completed in August, and Aaron Phillips, PNCC Senior Parks and Property Planner says that excitement is building.

“We opened up on the Esplanade Open Day for a ‘sneak peak’ behind our predator proof walls and we had a large number of people coming through to have a look. It was great to show our many supporters and the community how far the project has come, and to hear from them how excited they are to see the centre open this year.”

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