Community Engagement

From backyard bird rescue to emergency operations on our endangered species, learn rehabilitation stories from the patients and vets themselves. Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery’s specially designed hide walls will allow you to observe recuperating patients without intrusion. Immerse yourself in interactive insights and discover what we do, and what you can do to help conserve New Zealand’s native species at the Powerco Education Centre. The animals temporarily housed at Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery will constantly change, as upon their recovery they will be released back into the wild, making every visit a unique educational experience. Volunteer programmes are also intended, where members of the public can assist with facility operations.

World-Class Wildlife Practice

Patients previously treated at Wildbase Hospital and transferred to Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery will receive world-class rehabilitation care from Massey University’s specialist wildlife veterinary staff. Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery will be a centre of excellence, providing educational opportunities for University students, Rangitāne youth, and wildlife rehabilitators working in other areas of New Zealand. This heightened professionalism in post-hospitalisation care will give injured animals the best chance of survival once released back into the wild. This, in turn, ensures they will go on to breed and contribute to the success of their species’ population.

School Programmes

Educational programmes, directly linked to New Zealand’s school curriculum, will include in-classroom activities through remote web-based information, as well as an expected 200 hosted on-site tours per year once Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery is fully operational.

Click here for Wildbase Recovery’s Education Framework document.

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