Our Philosophy

We believe Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery will directly contribute to the conservation of some of New Zealand’s most endangered species. The world-leading recovery facility will provide gold standard rehabilitation of injured and ill native wildlife – ensuring their best chance of survival once released back to the wild. In turn, this will mean many of these animals will go on to breed and contribute to the success of their population and species.

Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery will be built under the following principles:


Provide specifically designed facilities for the recuperation of ill and injured wildlife, with the animal’s health and wellbeing at the forefront of operational decisions.


Develop a national level educational experience that provides learning experiences around the wildlife in Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery’s care, as well as the wider messages associated with their species and what we as New Zealanders can do to contribute to their conservation.


Provide for the development of veterinary staff working with New Zealand wildlife, and set best practice benchmarks for recovery centres worldwide.

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